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One more sleep!

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above and beyond

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the call of duty

My bawse, Paco is a photographer.

This is him, as a food stylist.

basic food styling time lapse from sonny thakur on Vimeo.

http://www.francisco-guerrero.com trying out some food styling

shot by http://www.sonnythakur.com

Station 3

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I spent the whole week assisting www.francisco-guerrero.com with Jake of www.cherryblocks.com

During our down time, we shared some laughs at a ‘street side’ cafe by boat station 3 in Boracay, Philippines. Summer hedonism capital of the Philippines.

Shot over the span of a couple hours in two days, with lighting varying greatly. Maybe I should get Jake to make them look nice and even. He’s a retoucher and a pretty good one at that. Make sure you get his contact deets from http://www.cherryblocks.com. He gets a blog entry after this one.

Have a great summery/spring everybody! Cheers from Manila!