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Die Obstacles, Die!

Posted in Photoblog by Sonny Thakur on October 8, 2009

My cousin JJ called me up one fine Sunday to photograph the spectacle that is Ganesh Chaturthi in honor of the Remover of Obstacles, Elephant head-God Ganesh. The Indian community was out in full force to celebrate the festival and bring home blessings.

Cousin JJ after getting touched up with some pink dye, a common occurrence in ANY Indian festival

Food was prepared hours before the crowd showed up, and for a good reason. I’m guessing there were at least a thousand in attendance that day and everyone was fed well.

Offerings of sweets and money were made. The sweets are first blessed, then returned to the crowd as a symbol of good blessing.

Most bitchin’ Om shirt I have seen in a long, long time.

There was music, a lot of catching up between people, mingling, and a short program that day.

suddenly, all hell broke lose when Prasad was being handed out

more cash offerings

A giant Ladoo, Lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet. Essentially a big ball of fat, sugar, and everything nice. No wonder he had a huge belly and man-tits.

Finishing up the services at the Temple to prepare Ganesh for the beach.

No party is ever complete without our Punjabi friends. They had their own percussionist who would play songs on demand and they even had a couple bottles of booze in their truck on the way to the beach. Got to love the energy.

Our Maharaj (+Entourage) looked a lot like Jason Lee.

I decided to stay on the beach and out of the water during the later part of the ceremonies as I didn’t have the necessary equipment to risk taking my gear out to sea.

Babies everywhere, like EVERYWHERE. I’ll end this blog with a quote from a friend “Oh we’re (Indians) everywhere, and we will hump you! You can run, but you can’t hide!” – Russel Peters

Cheers from Toasty Manila