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Posted in Uncategorized by Sonny Thakur on August 14, 2011

I get asked sometimes about which photo – blogs I follow and why, so I’ve decided to come up with a list. By no means is this list arranged in any order, and it definitely is lacking as I stumble across a new blog each day. This list does not include tumblr blogs, that is a whole entry on its own.

*Life.com’s 2011 Photo Blog Awards :

Let’s get things rolling:

(not) Common People – is a fun blog that showcases the work of talented photographers who share their work on the (not) common people flickr page. It features short interviews with some generic yet insightful questions.

1000WordsPhotography – is the blog of the 1000WordsPhotography Magazine. They feature some great essays in every issue.

2point8 – great street photography blog/resource by MDM

500 Photographers – is the brainchild of Pieter Wisse. It features some of the best photographers of different fields. Definitely a must read.

The Travel Photographer – is Tewfic El-Sawy’s blog. It features some of his work, and some great travel photographers. Once in a while, you might stumble across gear reviews or important deadlines for contests or workshops. He also conducts some great workshops with other travel photographers. This is a good resource for travel photography, story-telling, and multimedia.

APhotoEditor – is a vital resource for any editorial photographer. Features, interviews, questions, answers, opinions. Subscribe, and read religiously.

A Photo Student – is James Pomerantz‘s blog. He has some nice reads on there like movies on photography and songs about photography. Every entry is a great read and when he stumbles across some photos, he is always more than happy to share. Just like this entry.

Abbreviated Daylight – blog of freelance photojournalist Ariel Zambelich

Amy Stein – Fine Art Photographer and Teacher based in New York. Features, Interviews, and some great opinions on this blog.

Appetite by Penny De Los Santos – Food and Travel Photographer Penny De Los Santos‘s blog gives us a behind the scenes look at some of her assignments. The images and videos on this blog are always fun to look at.

Boogie Blog –  gives us a glimpse of the life of Boogie, in New York and around the world. His images are full of character and many of them are graphic and surreal. He has also put out some great books over the years.

Chad Holder – This guy shoots everything, and is pretty damn good at it. His portfolio (printed and web) are both great to look at and his blog will sometimes show out takes and behind the scenes photos and information.

Chase Jarvis – Seattle based editorial/commercial photographer’s blog chocked full of insights, lighting diagrams, tutorials, inspiration, and assignments. Yes Homework. An indispensable resource for today’s aspiring photographer.

Conscientious – Blog about contemporary fine art photography with features, interviews, and book/portfolio reviews. An Extended version is also available and has some in – depth interviews with some of today’s best and some longer articles.

Day 19 – Jeremy and Claire Weiss. Super power photography couple shares with us out takes and wonderful stories with their images. The people they come across in their daily lives are just as interesting as they are.

Dirty Blog – Charalampos Kydonakis’ blog features some of the best colored street photography. He sometimes shares with us some great work by other photographers and once in a while you’ll find some great slideshows. He has a great list of links on his blog as well.

Dreamboats – is Adam Golfer, Joe Leavenworth, TJ Proechel, Daniel Shea, and Jake Stangel. A Collective.

dvaphoto – is the work of Matt Lutton, and M. Scott Brauer. They showcase their work, as well as the work of many other photojournalists. They also have a deadline calendar for contests/open calls/workshops

Elizabeth Avedon – Books, Fine Art Photography, Features.

Feature Shoot – by Photographer, Editor, and Curator Alison Zavos. A blog where emerging and established photographers from every field are featured. The site has a massive following and photo editors keep an eye out for the people listed up here. Recipient of Life.com’s 2011 Photo Blog Awards

Flak Photo – is the work of Andy Adams. Updated daily, it showcases new photography, and exhibits from all over the world.

From Swerve of Shore – is editorial and documentary photographer Aaron Joel Santos‘ blog. He is represented by Wonderful Machine

Gabriela Herman – Freelance Photographer based in New York. Her series Blogger, is not to miss.

Hey, Hot Shot! – THE international competition for photographers. The blog features photographers who are in the running for the $10,000 grand prize and crazy exposure.

HotshoeBlog – The blog of contemporary photography magazine hotshoe. They too have a list of blogs to follow.

If At First – England based photographer. Ben Roberts has some insights on being a photographer. His Google + page is one to follow if you’re already on that bandwagon.

IPA – or Invisible Photographer Asia is blog that showcases visual journalism and street photography from Asia or by Asian Photographers. Authors include Kevin WY Lee, Paul Swee, Tammy David, Derrick Choo, Jessica Lim, and Alice Tay.

Jamie Stoker – 22 Year old freelance photographer based in London, England. A young, up-and-coming photographer. Definitely one to watch.

John Loomis Blog – Another serious editorial photographer with a very serious portfolio. Big list of clients, and definitely one to learn from.

John Javellana – Blog of freelance photojournalist John Javellana. Check his portfolio here.

Kate Hutchinson – blog of photographer Kate Hutchinson.

Lenscratch – “Lenscratch is a blogzine that explores contemporary photography and offers opportunities for exposure and community.”

Lens Blog – Photoblog of the New York Times

LPV Magazine – online and print magazine dedicated to contemporary photography. A great blog/magazine that serves as a platform for photographers to showcase their work. There are some great interviews here. They also have a Tumblr, and a Flickr, both of which deserve a look.

Magnum Blog – Blog of Magnum Photos. Currently under renovation.

MJR – is Mustafah Abdulaziz, Ying Ang, Matthew Craig, Julius Metoyer, Gareth Phillips, and Brandon Thibodeaux.

PDN Photo of The Day – one of PDN‘s photoblogs. Check out PDN Pulse, and PDN EDU as well.

Tanya-n – Photoblog of Tanya Nagar. A good friend.

Richard Renaldi – Contemporary Fine Art Photographer

Severin Koller Blog – Vienna based street photographer. A personal favorite. Rumored to be working on a book project.

Shooting Wide OpenJin‘s Blog. Some nice photography on the portfolio website, and a refreshing read on the blog.

Street Reverb Magazine – Another great street photography resource brought to you by Bryan Formhals of LPV fame.

Superficial Snapshots – Fine Art/Editorial/Commercial Photographer Allison V. Smith‘s blog.

The Curving Hip, The Soothing Shade – Thomas Prior’s Blog. Great place to catch some of his out takes and 100% crops. One of my favorite photographers. Website Here

Verve Photo – Showcasing the new breed of documentary photographers. They also offer Portfolio Reviews.

The Photo Desk – Singapore based Photographer and Photo Editor Lester V. Ledesma‘s blog takes us around South East Asia, and sometimes even farther. He is also a great writer.

Too Much Chocolate – Online photo exhibit/dialogue space run by Jake Stangel. It features a Rotating Gallery, Interviews, Sunday Showcases, and a Private Forum full of win.

Thisisthewhat –  A blog with insightful interviews. Authored by Kate Osba, a Photo Editor based out of New York.

WhatsTheJackanory – is Andrew Hetherington’s blog about the industry. An important blog to follow and also part of Life.com’s Photo Blog Award 2011

Ying Ang’s Blog – Ying Ang of MJR shares her beautiful images on this blog.

*Life.com’s 2011 Photo Blog Awards:




















And there you have it. A list of the blogs I personally follow. Please do let me know if I missed out anything in the comments. I’ll try to keep this list up to date and follow up with a list of tumblr blogs to follow as well. Please feel free to share this post with friends.