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Backlogged, and it’s almost over

Posted in Uncategorized by Sonny Thakur on August 29, 2009

I haven’t posted an entry in quite a bit because of my extremely tight schedule. The due date for a major paper revision is looming and I should really be working on it, but I really feel the need to unwind, hence the entry.

Let’s start with my buddy Mark. Mark came on down from Tokyo to visit toasty Manila, he brought with him some Kodak Ektar and Portra, so that got me more excited to see him.

I’ve also been hanging out with my good buddy Rey recently. He is currently experiencing a little post club almost bad hookup trauma.

And this guy’s been making waves in the local art scene. Kudos to him. http://www.peaceloveandrevolution.com

I’ve barely shot any frames in the past two months, so every opportunity I get to leave home, I take. My folks passed by a Hare Krishna Temple and I decided to tag along.

My girlfriend and I have been spending a lot of time together lately, and it’s been great. She is very supportive in these tough, and extremely annoying times. I don’t think I’ve been more hassled by a paper ever before. So I returned the favor and made a couple frames for her. We submitted some photos for a contest and she stands a chance to win $2000.

Just today I got to walk the streets of Chinatown with Tom Epperson. If there was one word to express the sights, sounds, and smells, it would be Chaos. I obviously haven’t been out in a while. Entropy at it’s finest as half the place looked like a dump.

I do have some rolls at the lab, I’ll pick them up after the long weekend, and make sure to update this page again soon. Sorry to keep all (read: 2) fans waiting. Cheers from Toasty Manila.