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Giving Blurb.com a shot and ordered myself a couple of test prints.

First ever book.


EDIT: Please click on the link while I figure out why it wont let me embed the flash widget

Year in Review

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2010 was one hell of a roller coaster ride. I’ve made tons of new friends, and have lost some dear ones. I visited my motherland after being away for ten long years, and I have experienced so many new things. Most of my resolutions for 2010 have been met, and some of them have even been shattered. I got to experience Bhang Chocolate while on a safari in the middle of the Thar desert. I got to see me work on the walls of a gallery in Singapore, and have been on many exciting shoots as an assistant. I have also addressed the issue of my ever expanding waistline and have gotten back into decent shape, but plan to get even leaner as the months go by. I missed tons of opportunities this 2010, and because of that I’ll be a lot more aggressive this 2011. Thank you, friends, for standing by me through all the ups and downs, I love you all, no homo. Thank you also to the people who keep inspiring and changing the way I look at the mundane and the everyday. You guys are the reason I still take photos. Now let’s let the pictures do the talking.

Looking forward to 2011

www.sonnythakur.com is finally up

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I finally have a page up.

Still working on the CSS but I hope to have it running seamlessly very soon.

Tell your friends!

That’s www.sonnythakur.com