a happy camper


Posted in Uncategorized by Sonny Thakur on May 30, 2009

Just some random stuff from the month that was.

I’ve decided that it’s best I start learning everything properly again. This is the start of what I hope to be a series of assisting “jobs”.

Two very professional, hardworking, skilled, and passionate people. Thanks Tom, and Jenn for letting me help out at the studio.

Behind the scenes stuff from a shoot that could have gone better.

The Blue Rats at Handlebar.

My dad, receiving a complimentary cheesecake at one of Makati’s best kept secrets. 😉

He forgot to make a wish.

I then swung by Steve Aoki and the Herrera Siblings’ new establishment “Trilogy”. This family is raking in the dough, and they sure know how to work up a crowd.

This was my merry month of may. How was yours? The weather was seriously shitty and I couldn’t get out and shoot much. I’ll be posting less frequently for a bit due to my school work piling up, and the assisting job is more lifting and learning than shooting really. 😉

Cheers from Toasty Manila!