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Blogroll: Bernhard Wolf

Posted in Uncategorized by Sonny Thakur on January 27, 2009

Because I’m moving my blog from http://hippospartan.multiply.com/journal

1) My name’s Bernhard Wolf, I’m 23 years old and live in Vienna, Austria. Self-congratulatory speaking, I started photography at the age of 10 or so when I was taking “fun” photos of my class mates (and manip their faces with Photoshop – no kidding). However, I think I got serious about photography in 2004 when I got my first DSRL and even more serious when I started shooting and processing film. I guess latter really introduced me into the “core” of photography which translated into digital photography. I don’t think I won a single award nor is there anything like milestone. I guess it’s more a continues development that started in 2005 when I shot my first commercial work (a wedding) and yielded in holding workshops for Nikon. I don’t do series – I keep taking pictures. This might sound humble and pretentious at the same time, yet it’s nothing but the truth. It’s the excitement of stealing moments that keeps me taking photos on the street and capturing that essence of a moment when taking again and again photos of friends. After all, it’s nothing but a photograph. Not more, not any less.

2) I’m not sure if there’s a real nature of my blog. I just keep posting the stuff I do – preferable the “everyday” photos. So it’s more a journal or diary if you will.

3) I think I take a photo because if I wasn’t I’d be pissed afterwards. Sometimes, rarely, you know that the photo you just took will turn out (these rolls are usually those you somehow fuck up). To be honest, for me there’s nothing like a scheme when taking photos. Sometimes, it’s because of that nice light and sometimes it’s because the scene or theme is interesting. Usually, I just take the photo and analyse them afterwards. I think when I’m taking a photo I’m most worried about getting the lines straight and the focus on.

4) That’s a good question. I hardly look through photo books or websites. However, I think I’d say that I’m quite fond of Salgado (specifically the book “Africa”). Apart from that… I’m bad with names. Sorry. Poets? I don’t think that photography is capable of having the same impact as written words. Even if it’s for inspirations sake.

I need to go to bed now. I might add a few things tomorrow or so.

It’s an honor to contribute to this entry!

Take care and greetings from Austria,


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